Professional tango dancer and teacher since 2005, mother of a 9 year old boy and a clothes' designer since 2012, I am proud to present my unique tango clothes' collection, as the outgrowth of all those years of living my life around Argentine Tango and all that this encompasses.
All those years of dancing at shows and milongas it was essential for me to wear clothes that would be suitable for the tango moves, comfortable, fine and light but also to have perfect fit, so they would not inhibit my movements and make life difficult for my partner, while dancing! I also looked for my dance clothes to be feminine and flattering for the female body. 

Gina Nikolitsa

About Us

This led me to start designing and sewing and dancing with my own clothes, initially only for my own use, which very soon, to my surprise, developed into something I also greatly love, apart from dancing! I came to realize that my taste in tango fashion and the choice of materials was greatly appreciated by other fellow tangueras. The fact that I am also the seamstress of my own designs is the extra bonus that guarantees the quality of my clothes! It means that each piece of clothing is paid special attention to and is looked after to its last detail before it reaches you. It is as if I create something that I would wear, each time I make something for you!

Everytime you wear a piece of Reina you can be assured that its design has been tested by a professional tango dancer and it is perfect to wear in milongas, tango shows or even your night outs and special events, feeling free to dance with your heart and enjoy your own femininity and grace.

Reina offers top quality, stylish handmade clothes fit for tango dancers, designed and produced by the tango dancer and instructor Gina Nikolitsa.
The dance of Argentine Tango represents a magical world which encompasses an entire culture of art, music, poetry and also fashion! Tango is more than just dancing. It is rather an attitude and a different style and way of life. Enthusiasts of tango around the world share a common passion not only for the dance itself, but also for all the elements that accompany it. Fashion and clothing is a very important element of Tango.

Reina, has been established to meet the need of tango lovers for elegant, stylish and dedicated clothing with a specific character and design which aims at enhancing the dancers’ movements while at the same time showcasing the entire body, and helping empower the special atmosphere and distinctively strong feelings created by tango dance and music.
Reina offers one of a kind, hand crafted clothes designed and produced by Gina Nikolitsa, using high quality fabrics, at very competitive prices for your beloved tango nights!

Being a professional tango dancer and instructor herself, Gina is well aware of the specific needs of tango dancers regarding suitable clothing. You may also contact Gina and discuss your tailor-made offer to fit your own private needs.

PatternOpen Back, Tail, Solid ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Tail ColorWhite
PatternFloral ColorWhite
PatternOpen Back, Paisley, Floral ColorGold
PatternFloral ColorBlack
PatternShiny, Tail, Solid, Open Back, Glitter ColorBlack
PatternTail, Slit, Leopard ColorYellow
PatternTail, Mixed, Sequin ColorBlack
PatternSlit, Snake ColorIndigo
PatternMixed ColorBrown
PatternSlit, Leaves, Tail, Floral ColorGreen
PatternMixed, Special Design, Slit ColorBlack
PatternGlitter, Slit, Shiny ColorRed
PatternSolid, Shiny, Glitter ColorIndigo
PatternHalter, Leopard, Mixed ColorYellow
PatternSolid ColorOrange
PatternOpen Back, Floral ColorBlack
PatternRuffled, Dotted ColorBlack
PatternKnot, Belt, Floral ColorGrey
PatternMixed, Tail ColorBlack
PatternSlit, Solid ColorGold
PatternSolid, Slit ColorPetrol Blue
PatternTransparent, Floral, Mixed ColorBlack
PatternMixed, Slit, Strapless ColorBlue
PatternReversİble, Floral, Knot ColorOrange
PatternReversİble, Floral ColorBlack
PatternOpen Back, Mixed, Floral ColorPink
PatternTail, Shiny, Open Back ColorGrey
PatternFloral, Open Back ColorBlue
PatternHalter, Shiny, Solid ColorBurgundy
PatternSolid, Tail ColorRed
PatternOpen Back, Mixed, Striped, Halter ColorBlack
PatternMixed ColorBlack
PatternMixed, Dotted ColorBlue
PatternLace, Solid ColorRed
PatternSlit, Open Back ColorBlack
PatternTail, Lace, Solid ColorBlue
PatternSolid, Open Back ColorBlack
PatternLace, Mixed ColorRed
PatternFloral, Knot, Reversİble ColorGreen
PatternGlitter, Shiny, Solid, Open Back ColorOrange
PatternReversİble, Floral ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Crop ColorGreen
PatternSlit, Solid ColorPetrol Blue
PatternSolid, Slit ColorPurple
PatternHigh Waisted, Solid ColorPurple
PatternSolid, Slit ColorPetrol Blue
PatternSolid, Lace ColorBlack
PatternSlit, Solid ColorPetrol Blue
PatternLace, Mixed ColorBlack
PatternMixed ColorBlue
PatternCrop, Dotted, Reversİble ColorBlue
PatternTail, Slit ColorPetrol Blue
PatternSlit, Solid ColorBlack
PatternLace ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorPetrol Blue
PatternSolid ColorPetrol Blue
PatternFloral ColorGrey
PatternSlit, Solid ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Slit ColorRed
PatternSolid, Slit ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorGreen
PatternSolid ColorBlue
PatternSolid ColorPurple
PatternSolid ColorWhite
PatternMixed ColorBrown
PatternSolid ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorBlack
PatternHalter, Ruched, Solid ColorBlack
PatternStriped, Mixed ColorBrown
PatternSolid, Shiny, Halter ColorBurgundy
PatternMixed, Special Design ColorPurple
PatternCrop ColorOrange
PatternCrop, Knot ColorGrey
PatternDotted, Crop, Knot ColorRed
PatternKnot, Solid ColorWhite
PatternSolid, Reversİble, Open Back ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Halter, Ruched ColorWhite
PatternTransparent, Ribbon, Knot, Solid, Lace ColorRed
PatternSolid, Shiny, Halter ColorGold
PatternSolid ColorGreen
PatternSolid ColorTurquoise
PatternMixed, Abstract ColorBlue

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