What is tangorium?

What is tangorium.com?

The word itself is inspired by Tango and Emporium (market place in ancient Greek) and it is designed to be an online market place for people to find everything about Tango. Basicly it is a platform where our sellers may display their products in various categories (such as wearings, online classes, events, concerts, books, music, etc..) as many as they wish. This system will help you to establish your store from any part of the world to reach Tango dancers in any part of the world which will be secured by 256 bit Secured Green Bar E.V SSL (1 000 000 USD).

Our purpose?

Our beloved Tango, even being a center of our universe sometimes is unfortunately not as common as other dance branches. Therefore it is not very easy to come across to corporate structures in this society. Accordingly it is sometimes not possible to provide the supportive products ad reach them to many Tango lovers through out the world. Where actually there are a lot of talented designers and artisans all over the world.

Our main purpose is to introduce our customers to sellers` wide range and best products with  with the best prices. On the other hand designers and sellers may have spare time to concentrate only on their production and design instead of working on marketing issues. As a result this inevitable cycle will cause the win-win situation for everyone in this sustainable development where it will also allow new sectors to establish within the community.

How many people will be reached?

Tangorium.com is and will be reaching considerable quantity of people from social media, mailings with advertisements. It is established by two visionary organizers of one of the biggest Tango events of the world as also owning the biggest Tango schools in Europe. Through these events and schools, these ready made 50 thousand  subscribers is the biggest power of Tangorium.com as it will be the world wide network for Tango. By the second half of 2020, festival and marathon registrations will be made on Tangorium.com as each participants will be visiting the site.

What can you sell?

Recenty: Physical Items, Virtual Items (Online Clases), Bookings, Memberships

During the designing process of Tangorium.com, our first goal was to have sellers from Tango wearings and Tango shoes. Basically, designers may sell their stocked items or with communicating with customers  and work as custom made.

Second hand items as books, music collections, wearings or any valued items may be selled by the owner.

Tango schools may have registrations for their monthly or yearly lessons where they can keep track of their students and classes

Instructors may sell their online classes through out the world where they can set their appointments for their private lessons and get prepayments in advance.

Instructors may sell their online classes through out the world where they can set their appointments for their private lessons and get prepayments in advance.

In the very near future,

As well as the products above, in the very near future Tangorium.com will be hosting all tango events as;

  • Tango Marathons with the balance of women and men dancers.
  • Tango Festivals including track of classes, milongas and accomodation.
  • Concert or show events with the venue details and seat choices.
  • Milonga or Practica passes of various Tango schools.
  • Second hand wearing and shoe sales systems

All site will be reachable easily from a smart phone application both for the seller and the customer as well.

Open your store now!