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Tango Shoes Heels - Making The Right Choice in Online Shopping

Back in 2008, after a few months of Tango lessons, I was on the market for my first pair of heels! You can imagine how excited I was..! I would spend all my free time looking through the web to all the elegant tango shoes with wonderful designs. Once I had made up my mind, which was not every easy… haha… but once I finally did, I didn’t think...

Argentine Tango Shoes, Skirt and Dresses

Choose Your Next Tango Teacher With Care

Last week we were talking about Tango shoes and specifically heels. This week we will be talking more about style in general and how it might actually affect our judgement when choosing our Tango teacher. I am sure you are all familiar with the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”… Every culture has a phrase that speaks to looks versus...


Tango Shoes Heels

CHRISA ASSIS OF BAUTANZ.COM Tango Shoes Heels… Own the milonga in your next pair of heels Hello everyone! My name is Chrisa Assis, founder and teacher of Bautanz - Constructing Dance and this is my very first article for Tangorium. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did writing it! When Serkan Yilmaz, whom I thank truly for this opportunity,...


Tango Fashion Tips for Tango Dancers

Now tango is one of the top 10 daces worldwide. We know the “gypsy tango”, “Creole tango” and, of course, most dancers dance the Argentinean tango. The last dance spread during the 1910-1920’s as a saloon dance or variety show dance! The dance was criticized by many dance critics. Some of them called the dance “the expression of the horizontal passion”...


Traditional Tango Fashion

Tango Clothes Tango is a passionate dance, and elegance should always be on your mind, when dancing, and also when you choose your outfit. You should aim to look good and at the same time be able to move and feel comfortable while dancing. Tango Clothes for Women When tango was born it was customary that women wore long skirts. That style...