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Adornos Tango Shoes
Adornos Tango Shoes designs its handmade tango shoes with tango fashion tasted Turkish designers, and manufactures its handmade tango shoes with 20 years experienced master shoemakers. You can order the best quality tailor-made tango shoes. 
Bybora Tango Shoes
ByBora  is a brand of highquality handmade dancing shoes We provide both professional and amateur dancers with a modern and versatile shoe they can trust  Each cut of genuine leather is hand selected and especially designed for your comfort and performance We produce handmade dancing shoes since 1977
Chique Dancewear
Started from scratch in 2013, Chique now has its own design and sewing atelier supported by an amazing team, creating special collections for classes and milongas as well as special performance costumes for tango masters.
Deniz Aybar
As a tango dancer & tdj for more than a decade,  I created dancing concepted wall hang plates for tango lovers. Please kindly note: ** These designs are totally unique.  ** You can order more by connecting me, but please note that the orders can not be the exactly the same but can be close.  ** The hanger is also adherently attached ** You can order in different concepts.  Pls check my IG account for framed paintings, trays, plates, etc. For details, questions, orders and more: IG: Deniz Aybar EMAIL:
DNI Tango Store
DNI Tango Store, Tango Shoes and Tango Dresses In the DNI Store’s eleven years, selling quality, long lasting, stylish shoes has been its priority. Our objective is shared by our shoe manufacturer that has more than 35 years of experience in making hand-made shoes designed specifically for tango dancers. Ever wanted some of DNI’s quality products but weren’t in Buenos Aires? Well now it doesn’t matter anymore. Finally, after six years of offering a wide range of comfortable and stylish footwear and fashion for dancers, DNI’s products are available to order online! Simply shop for the items you would like, place them in your cart and then proceed to the checkout. 
Giros Tango
... Enjoy your GIROS (Turns). Those that take you down imaginary paths, that wrap us up in new adventures, that propose new challenges, that make you grow...  Those GIROS (turns) are what sent me out to travel the world always looking to learn more and to take into my life that which makes me feel good. As a tango dancer and milonguera, one of these GIROS led me to venture into the design and manufacture of my own dance clothes, which I knew should combine elegance and functionality... After many years, I decided that I wanted to bring to all the milongueras dancers around the world the possibility of being comfortable and well dressed in the milonga.  Today, my challenge is you. My garments are designed and created by and for those women who live closely the tango dance and its culture. I learn from you and I have the desire to share it. Will you accompany me? I invite you to join my GIROS!  Kindly, María Belén Milonguera Argentinian  Dress Maker More
Julietta Tango Fashion
Unique, handmade, amazingly classy, stylish, comfortable and beautiful tango(and not only) clothes, for ladies, made with love! Come discover what Julietta creation fits you best. Professional counseling to find the best options for you will be provided. Due to the special fabrics used and the varied design patterns, Julietta's clothes look and feel simply sensational. Are addictive dresses!
La Reina
La Reina designed to honour woman empowerment and self confidence. She is the best friend, supports us on the best days of our lifes, who has self confidence and caracter on her own, don’t need to stay out on your best day. She  highlights your beauty, supports, polishes your dancing. Elegant, sharp, confident in the end ‘La Reina designed for the Queens.’
Pepi Tango
Pepitango is a brand born from the passion and experience of designer Cristina Balestreri Cristina Balestreri is a classical musician, fashion designer and tango dancer – who in 2001 created the firm PEPISTUDIO, a workshop devoted to Florentine embroidery. Later in 2003, she designed and developed the brand PEPITANGO distributing the first Italian/ European line of garments for women entirely devoted to Argentine tango. A line with a simple and sophisticated style, that uses high quality technical materials and offers the possibility to personalize each style. Because of all these qualities PEPITANGO has gained the admiration of internationally known tango dancers.
THE DESIGNER Professional tango dancer and teacher since 2005, mother of a 9 year old boy and a clothes' designer since 2012, I am proud to present my unique tango clothes' collection, as the outgrowth of all those years of living my life around Argentine Tango and all that this encompasses. All those years of dancing at shows and milongas it was essential for me to wear clothes that would be suitable for the tango moves, comfortable, fine and light but also to have perfect fit, so they would not inhibit my movements and make life difficult for my partner, while dancing! I also looked for my dance clothes to be feminine and flattering for the female body.  Gina Nikolitsa About Us This led me to start designing and sewing and dancing with my own clothes, initially only for my own use, which very soon, to my surprise, developed into something I also greatly love, apart from dancing! I came to realize that my taste in tango fashion and the choice of materials was greatly appreciated by... More
Si Dancewear
Si   Art&Dance
We, "Tangled", put into action  new style for Tangolovers.  Special Designs, Inspired Tango Culture and the ones coming soon will be on you.
Tangos was founded in 2009 as one of the first online stores of Argentine tango clothing and footwear owing to the growing demand for our products, we also opened a store in our laboratory located in Lammari, to give our customers the opportunity to see, touch and try our handcrafted items. Over the years, the influx of customers and dancers of all kinds gived the owner, Tiziana, the opportunity to expand her business not only to tango but also to standard dances, Latin and Caribbean dances, pole dance, clothing and footwear for ceremonies. About Tiziana Tiziana studied and graduated in Florence, first as a clothing designer and then as a shoe designer. He started working immediately and for many years for many Tuscan shoe factories, refining his art more and more. In 2009 she decided, with the help of her sister Donatella, as an expert Argentine tango dancer, to launch her own line of specific dance products. Our goals We have always been committed to creating original items, choosing high... More
Tangoinstyle, owned by Serpil Topuz, is designed for stylish dancers as to be trendy, unique, elegant and comfortable. Tangoinstyle is also in fashion by tango inspired evening dresses. All clothes are handmade, having quality top priority. Tangoinstyle by Serpil Topuz loves to contribute beauty in all sense.   Serpil Topuz is a tango dancer loving to travel for tango festivals, marathons and workshops. Having marketing communications and event management as her past corporate business life experience, she decided to merge these with her tango life. Serpil has been in partners for organizations such as Istanbul Tango Marathon and TangOver Tango Camp. Her passion for tango and travel lead her design tango clothing as to be comfortable to wear, easy to carry, yet stylish, elegant and with unique design.   There comes Tangoinstyle by Serpil Topuz; As she loves art, styles, beauties in life and follows trends, Tangoinstyle also reaches other fashion lovers by tango inspired evening dresses. Besides... More
TanGO TO Istanbul, a comprehensive and international festival of tango music and dance, is the premier event of IstanbulTANGO School. Tango dancers from throughout the world will meet to share their knowledge and experience, dance with joy and make new friends. In the daytime, unlike other festivals, you will have the opportunity not only to take classes but also to take part in uniquely Turkish activities with your Tango companions.