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Some Tips for Choosing the right Tango Clothing

For this passionate tango dance, choosing the right Tango Dress is one of the major points. 
As far as we know from  Artists who design awsome Tango Dresses; Pattern, color, felxibility must be preferred up to season, place and formality.
Above all, the tango clothes you choose must be  as comfortable as it could be, at wherever you dance. 
Tango Dress Pattern; Floral patterns and light colors  can be preferred for the spring and summer time. Solid pattern is  especially for formal dances.
Tango Dress Color;  Colors like  black or red are indispensible for Tangueras. As a clue,  the Artists recommend that Black colors make you look weaker.
Tango Clothes Flexibility; If you would like to wear a tight dress, and the top of your body is not proportioanal with your lower body, make sure  the texture of the dress fabric is with lycra.

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PatternFloral, Reversİble ColorGrey
PatternFloral, Reversİble ColorWhite
PatternSpecial Design, Floral, Crop ColorBlue
PatternMixed, Abstract ColorOrange
PatternSolid ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Reversİble, Slit, Ruched ColorBlack Weight0,4
PatternSolid, Floral, Reversİble, Open Back ColorBeige
PatternFloral, Reversİble ColorTurquoise
PatternSolid ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Slit ColorBlack
PatternCrossed Back, Solid, Shiny ColorRed
PatternFloral, Reversİble ColorWhite
PatternFloral, Solid, Reversİble ColorGreen
PatternSpecial Design, Mixed ColorBlack
PatternMixed, Special Design ColorOrange
PatternSlit, Open Back, Crossed Back, Solid ColorGreen
PatternLace, Transparent, Tail, Shirred ColorBurgundy
PatternSolid, Crop, Shiny ColorGreen
PatternSolid, Shiny, Transparent ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Reversİble, Slit, Open Back ColorGreen
PatternSolid, Reversİble ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Reversİble, Slit, Open Back ColorWhite
PatternReversİble, Slit, Open Back, Solid ColorBlue
PatternOpen Back, Solid, Reversİble, Slit ColorBlue
PatternSlit, Ruched, Tail, Solid ColorBlack
PatternTail, Solid, Slit, Ruched ColorBlue
PatternSolid, Slit, Ruched, Tail ColorRed
PatternSolid ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Shiny ColorBlue
PatternSolid, Shiny, Tail ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Shiny, Ruched ColorGreen
PatternSolid, Shiny, Ruched ColorPowder Pink
PatternSolid, Slit ColorWhite
PatternRuched, Solid, Slit ColorBlue
PatternReversİble, Open Back, Solid, Dotted ColorBlack
PatternFloral, Reversİble ColorGrey
PatternSolid, Reversİble ColorPurple
PatternFloral, Mixed ColorOrange
PatternSpecial Design ColorYellow
PatternSolid, Reversİble, Special Design ColorBlue
PatternSolid ColorGold
PatternMixed, Special Design ColorWhite
PatternFloral, Mixed, Special Design ColorWhite
PatternSpecial Design ColorBlue
PatternSolid, Lace ColorPurple
PatternMixed, Transparent, Solid ColorBlack
PatternPaillette, Shiny, Sparkle ColorRed
PatternSolid ColorBurgundy
$57.00 $45.60
PatternSpecial Design ColorBlack
$57.00 $45.60
PatternSpecial Design ColorWhite
PatternSolid ColorRed
PatternSolid ColorRed
PatternSolid ColorBlack
PatternOpen Back, Solid ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Slit, Ruffled, Halter ColorPurple
PatternTransparent, Bow, Solid, Mixed ColorBlack
PatternHalter, Open Back ColorBlack
PatternMixed, Transparent, Lace ColorBlack
PatternSpecial Design ColorWhite
PatternSolid ColorLight Blue
PatternReversİble, Special Design ColorPurple
PatternSolid, Tulle ColorBlack
$82.00 $65.60
PatternLace, Mixed ColorBlack
$74.00 $59.20
PatternSolid, Slit ColorBlack
$148.00 $118.40
PatternSolid, Tail ColorRed
PatternFloral ColorBlack
PatternShirred, Transparent, Tail ColorBurgundy
PatternFloral, Open Back, Shirred ColorBeige
PatternTransparent, Tail, Embroidered, Shirred ColorBlack
PatternOne Shoulder Off, Solid ColorGrey
PatternSolid, Slit, Open Back ColorSmoky
PatternFloral, Reversİble, Crop ColorBlack
PatternSpecial Design, Floral, Crop, Solid, Mixed ColorBlack
PatternFloral, Crossed Back, Printed ColorTurquoise
PatternAbstract, Glitter ColorBlue
PatternSolid ColorBlack
PatternFloral, Mixed ColorGreen
PatternShiny, Flared, Open Back ColorBurgundy
PatternSolid, Ruffled ColorPink
PatternSolid ColorBlue Weight0,4
PatternSolid, Reversİble, Ruched ColorMaroon Weight0,4
PatternSolid, Reversİble, Ruched ColorPink
PatternRuched, Solid, Reversİble ColorWhite
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