Tango Skirts

Inspired by our passion for tango, we offer tango clothes to your liking with our Tangorium Marketplace, which has presented unique tango clothes and designs for female dancers and male dancers.

Tango has survived to the present day by being influenced by different cultures over the years. 
As a ballroom dance, it has its own fashion and style. Dark and red tango clothes and accessories are preferred in accordance. Women wear long slit tango skirts and flowy a-line skirts that will make them look more attractive  with the spirit of the dance. We can say that especially red is the color of this dance. Red emphasises the feeling of passion and this dance reflects this feeling. While dancing, dancers should be comfortable in the tango clothes they are wearing. 

Tango skirts are the main clothes of this dance for women. Our tango tango skirts not only provide your comfort, but also customize your dance with our specially selected fabrics. Moreover, our tango skirts, are produced with the special flexible fabrics we have chosen, adapt to all body shapes. Every model of tango skirt and every colour skirt even patterned ones are produced and served the dancers who really like this dance.

Most Preferred Tango Skirts

Pleated and asymmetricul cut Tango skirts are one of the forms we proudly produce . You can find this tango skirt in our shops with incredibly amazing prices. The texture and the fabric we use for sewing and producind is up level quality. The second type of tango skirt dancers really prefer and buy is V slit  detail on the back of the skirt. This V slit detail may be on the front or on both sides of the skirt. Dancers usually prefer V slit tango skirts in black or red but we produce and sell everty colour if you want to prefer or choose. V slit skirt has straight cut but since it is produced from the right fabric, its straight cut does not restrict your movements. A qualified tango skirt should be attractive, elegant, stylish , aesthetic and comfortable . The appearance of the dancer should be noble but hot. As it is written and told, this dance includes opposite feelings  and passion through love. Women wear long dresses with straps, tight tango blouses and tango skirts with long slits to make them look more attractive. 

While men prefer black tango shirts and tango trousers, they also use dark flared trousers. Sometimes men prefer red  lines on their clothes and accesories. Tangorium offers you the top quality with less prices. We list every colour or every model in accordence with your request. With our tango skirts you buy, you will be able to catch the magic of dance and express the rhythm of the music freely and passionetly.

Why İs Tango Performed İn Skirt?

It is not possible to imagine a woman performing tango in trousers. Tango reflects Argentina spirit so the tango clothes reveal the feminine lines. That’s why we prefer producing tango skirts and tango dresses. Symmetrical cut dresses and skirts in different forms such as mini, above the knee and below the knee are our brand clothes and they can all be preferred by the dancers.

PatternSolid, Reversİble, Ruched ColorMaroon Weight0,4
PatternReversİble, Slit, Ruched, Solid ColorBlack Weight0,4
PatternRuched, Solid, Reversİble ColorPink
PatternSolid, Reversİble, Ruched ColorWhite
PatternFloral, Reversİble, Solid ColorBeige
PatternSolid, Floral, Reversİble ColorPurple
PatternSolid, Slit, Ruched, Tail ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Slit, Ruched, Tail ColorBlue
PatternRuched, Tail, Solid, Slit ColorWhite
PatternTail, Solid, Slit, Ruched ColorBlue
PatternSolid, Slit, Ruched, Tail ColorRed
PatternSolid, Shiny ColorBlue
PatternSolid, Shiny, Slit ColorMaroon
PatternRuched, Solid, Slit ColorBlack
PatternDotted, Slit ColorRed
PatternFloral, Reversİble, Slit ColorBeige
PatternSlit, Solid, Reversİble ColorGreen
PatternSolid, Floral, Reversİble ColorBeige
PatternReversİble, Solid, Floral ColorBeige
PatternSolid, Reversİble ColorRed
PatternReversİble, Solid, Floral ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Floral, Reversİble ColorRed
PatternFloral, Slit ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Shiny, Ruched, Tail ColorRed
PatternSolid, Shiny ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Shiny, Ruched ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Shiny, Tail ColorBlack
PatternRuched, Solid, Shiny ColorGreen
PatternSolid, Shiny, Ruched ColorPowder Pink
PatternSlit, Flared, Tail, Solid ColorPurple
PatternSlit, Flared, Tail, Solid ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Slit ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Slit ColorWhite
PatternSolid, Flared ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorLilac
PatternSolid, Slit, Ruched ColorBlue
PatternRuched, Solid ColorWhite
PatternSolid, Slit ColorBlack
PatternMixed, Special Design ColorLight Blue
PatternSpecial Design, Mixed, Reversİble ColorWhite
PatternMixed, Special Design ColorBlack
PatternMixed, Special Design ColorBlue
PatternFloral, Mixed, Special Design ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Reversİble, Special Design ColorBlue
PatternSolid ColorGold
PatternSolid ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorBlue
PatternSolid ColorPurple
PatternReversİble ColorBlack
PatternFloral ColorWhite
PatternSolid ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorOrange
PatternMixed, Dotted ColorBlue
PatternSolid, Reversİble ColorWhite
PatternMixed ColorBlue
PatternSolid ColorBlue
PatternSolid, Slit ColorIndigo
PatternSolid ColorGreen
PatternSolid, Fishtail ColorPink
PatternSolid ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorRed
PatternSlit, Ruffled ColorBlack
PatternMixed ColorBlack
PatternDotted, Special Design, Ruffled, Fishtail ColorPearl
PatternSolid, Dotted, Reversİble ColorWhite
PatternReversİble, Solid, Dotted ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Shiny ColorLight Blue
PatternReversİble, Special Design ColorPurple
PatternSolid, Shiny ColorPowder Pink
PatternSolid, Shiny ColorBlue
PatternReversİble, Special Design ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorPurple
PatternSolid, Tulle ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Slit ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorPetrol Blue
PatternLace, Mixed ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Slit ColorPetrol Blue
PatternSolid, Lace ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Slit ColorPetrol Blue
PatternSolid, High Waisted ColorPurple
PatternSolid ColorPetrol Blue
PatternSlit, Solid ColorPurple
PatternLace ColorBlack
PatternSlit, Solid ColorPetrol Blue
PatternSolid, Crop ColorGreen
PatternFloral, Reversİble ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Slit ColorBlack
PatternSlit, Tail ColorPetrol Blue
PatternMixed ColorPink
PatternFloral ColorLight Blue
PatternFloral ColorBlack
PatternFloral ColorSalmon
PatternReversİble, Floral ColorBlue
PatternFloral, Reversİble ColorBeige
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