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PatternMixed, Lace ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Slit ColorBlack
PatternTail, Solid ColorRed
PatternMixed, Abstract ColorBlue
PatternCrop ColorOrange
PatternSolid ColorTurquoise
PatternKnot, Dotted, Crop ColorRed
PatternSolid, Knot ColorWhite
PatternSolid ColorGreen
PatternMixed, Special Design ColorPurple
PatternSolid, Shiny, Halter ColorBurgundy
PatternStriped, Mixed ColorBrown
PatternRuched, Solid, Halter ColorWhite
PatternSolid, Halter, Ruched ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Reversİble, Open Back ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorWhite
PatternSolid ColorPurple
PatternSolid ColorBlue
PatternSolid ColorGreen
PatternSolid, Slit ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Slit ColorRed
PatternSolid, Slit ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorPetrol Blue
PatternSolid, Slit ColorPetrol Blue
PatternLace, Solid ColorBlack
PatternSlit, Solid ColorPetrol Blue
PatternSolid, High Waisted ColorPurple
PatternSolid ColorPetrol Blue
PatternSolid, Slit ColorPurple
PatternLace ColorBlack
PatternSolid, Slit ColorPetrol Blue
PatternTail, Slit ColorPetrol Blue
PatternDotted, Reversİble, Crop ColorBlue
PatternKnot, Reversİble, Floral ColorGreen
PatternSlit, Strapless, Mixed ColorBlue
PatternMixed, Lace ColorRed
PatternOpen Back, Solid ColorBlack
PatternTail, Lace, Solid ColorBlue
PatternOpen Back, Slit ColorBlack
PatternLace, Solid ColorRed
PatternDotted, Mixed ColorBlue
PatternMixed ColorBlack
PatternHalter, Open Back, Mixed, Striped ColorBlack
PatternHalter, Shiny, Solid ColorBurgundy
PatternOpen Back, Floral ColorBlue
PatternSolid, Slit ColorPetrol Blue
PatternSlit, Solid ColorGold
PatternMixed, Special Design, Slit ColorBlack
PatternMixed, Tail ColorBlack
PatternFloral, Knot, Belt ColorGrey
PatternRuffled, Dotted ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorOrange
PatternSnake, Slit ColorIndigo
PatternHalter, Leopard, Mixed ColorYellow
PatternTail, Mixed, Sequin ColorBlack
PatternGlitter, Shiny, Solid, Open Back ColorOrange
PatternGlitter, Solid, Shiny ColorIndigo
PatternTail, Solid, Open Back, Glitter, Shiny ColorBlack
PatternFloral ColorWhite
PatternTail, Solid ColorWhite
PatternTail, Solid, Open Back ColorBlack
PatternFloral, Crossed Back, Slit ColorBlue
PatternFloral, Open Back, Mixed, Lace, Transparent ColorRed
PatternTail, Sequin, Open Back, Mixed ColorRed
PatternLace, Transparent, Snake ColorBlue
PatternOpen Back, Floral ColorRed
PatternCrossed Back, Solid ColorPurple
PatternReversİble, Dotted ColorBlue

THE DESIGNER Professional tango dancer and teacher since 2005, mother of a 9 year old boy and a clothes' designer since 2012, I am proud to present my unique tango clothes' c...


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