Argentine Tango Dress

Tango symbolizes love and passion, it appeals to the ear, and soul with its music and choreographies and it also appelas to the eye with its aesthetics movements in its specially designed costumes. Tango is the embodiment of visual aesthetics. Rhythm,music, movements and dresses. Integration of all of them finds a soul in tango. Tango Clothes and woman fashion comes together and create amazing visuals. Tango dresses , which are produced from dynamic and thin fabrics in order to allow the arms, legs and feet to move freely, attract attention with their color selections.

Popular Colours For The Tango Dress

In Tangorium, there is no restriction in colours The popular color that comes to mind when talking about love is undoubtedly red. Tango is the dance which is identified with the word passion and red also symbolizes passion because of this, dancers usually prefer red tango dresses. The second colour which is highly preferred by the women is black. It is always thought that black is the most beautiful color that reflects the elegance of the female body. The other color which is mostly preferred after red and black is white.

Tango Dress Models

Tango is thought to be wedding dance so some women prefer white. Although it may seem that the male is in the leading role in tango, the dance of the women is actually much more important. 

Women are always more visible and inaccessible. That’ s why strap dresses or dresses that leave the shoulders open are preferred. Tango Skirt of a dress always has a deep slit. This slit can be either both side of the skirt or the front side of the skirt. Tango Dresses can be designed and produced with lace. Tango is the most masculine dance for a man and for a woman, it is the most feminine and womanish dance in the world. Considering the magic of dance, and the dominance of the woman in the dance, the importance of choosing the right dress grows. A long tango dress with a deep slit or skirt is worn in order to follow the movements of the body. Skirt of the dress can be decorated with fringe or flounces. Skirts with asymmetric form allows the leg movements to be performed freely. Low-cut tango dresses are either sleeveless or strapped shoul be completed with acceroies. 

Tangorium is aimed to present the most stylish tango dresses with every colour. It is never forgotten that red tango dresses are the favourite ones for the women.Dresses are in high quality with small prices. Men mostly prefer black flared trousers and shirts. Their trousers should be comfortable but look manish. In tango nights and competitions, women wear waist-fitting dresses with starigh skirt and flying skirts.All models and forms are presented on  Tangorium. Tangorium is the leader of tango fashion and tango designs of tango dresses with the conception of tango. The most important thing is to know the needs of a dancer while choosing the right dress. The right tango dress brings the right movements.

PatternSolid, Tail ColorRed
PatternStrapless, Mixed, Slit ColorBlue
PatternMixed, Lace ColorRed
PatternSolid, Open Back ColorBlack
PatternTail, Lace, Solid ColorBlue
PatternOpen Back, Slit ColorBlack
PatternLace, Solid ColorRed
PatternMixed, Dotted ColorBlue
PatternMixed ColorBlack
PatternHalter, Open Back, Mixed, Striped ColorBlack
PatternHalter, Shiny, Solid ColorBurgundy
PatternOpen Back, Floral ColorBlue
PatternSolid, Slit ColorPetrol Blue
PatternSolid, Slit ColorGold
PatternMixed, Special Design, Slit ColorBlack
PatternMixed, Tail ColorBlack
PatternKnot, Belt, Floral ColorGrey
PatternRuffled, Dotted ColorBlack
PatternSolid ColorOrange
PatternSnake, Slit ColorIndigo
PatternHalter, Leopard, Mixed ColorYellow
PatternTail, Mixed, Sequin ColorBlack
PatternShiny, Solid, Open Back, Glitter ColorOrange
PatternSolid, Shiny, Glitter ColorIndigo
PatternSolid, Open Back, Glitter, Shiny, Tail ColorBlack
PatternFloral ColorWhite
PatternTail, Solid ColorWhite
PatternTail, Solid, Open Back ColorBlack
PatternFloral, Crossed Back, Slit ColorBlue
PatternOpen Back, Mixed, Lace, Transparent, Floral ColorRed
PatternTail, Sequin, Open Back, Mixed ColorRed
PatternSnake, Lace, Transparent ColorBlue
PatternOpen Back, Floral ColorRed
PatternSolid, Crossed Back ColorPurple
PatternReversİble, Dotted ColorBlue
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