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Tango Clothes

Tango is a passionate dance, and elegance should always be on your mind, when dancing, and also when you choose your outfit. You should aim to look good and at the same time be able to move and feel comfortable while dancing.

Tango Clothes for Women

sitting woman posing and wearing red and black tango clothesdetail of woman wearing red tango clothesWhen tango was born it was customary that women wore long skirts. That style was adopted in tango as well. As time went by, they started making openings on skirts and dresses in order to have a wider range of movement. Nowadays it is usual to wear all lengths of skirts, as long as movement is allowed: from long skirts with openings to really short skirts and dresses. Tango dresses often have asymmetrical hemlines and are adorned with fringes and crochet applications. The tops normally show cleavage and are very sensual. It is also usual to see clothes made with modern materials, like lycras and other stretch fabrics that allow clothes with a comfortable fit and stylish look.

A fundamental part of a woman’s outfit is her shoes, which should always be tango dance shoes.

Some other accessories can be worn on special occasions or shows. There are typical flowers, made from fabric or feathers, that one can attach to the hair or legs, There is also the fishnet stockings, almost a tango trademark.

Tango Clothes for Men

black and white picture of a man wearing stylish tango clothesblack and white profile picture of a man wearing stylish tango clothes and a hatThe typical outfit for a man that dances tango is the shirt, normally silk or some other similar material, and straight cut trousers. To be complete this outfit requires a good pair of dance shoes. To complement his outfit the man can also wear some other accessories, like suspenders, vests and hats, all these being part of tango imagery.

Now with the outfit ready, the next step is to learn how to tango.

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