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Welcome to my online store Julietta A mano. Let me introduce myself…

My name is Ioulia Papastergiou , I live in Larissa and I create for you so that my inspiration can travel around the world. After working for many years in sales (from furniture to mobile and from musical instruments to clothing), I decided to retire and let my artistic vein free to guide me…

The trigger for my engagement with the particular clothes I curated was tango! As a tango partner and as a fan of the beautiful, the stylish, the different, I was inspired and sewed dresses for me personally and then discovered that the choices in physical stores were insufficient. So, lace, pajette, jersey, satin, muslin became my friends! Every garment is unique, every fabric is thoughtful, every seam is smooth and the feeling is lively!

If you like to stand out, then I definitely have something for you! Whether you are a dancer or an artist or just social and opinionated!
Browse the most elaborate variety of clothes, discover the uniqueness of each piece, love it and make it your own with one click! Imagine hugging your body and taking off with your moves! Your affordable luxury that you deserve it !!!