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Tango, which has become legendary as the combination of love and passion, is a dance and music genre. It is identified with the society in which he was born and shared its destiny. It expanded its influence far beyond music and became the explanation of a nation's socio-cultural life.It emerged as a local music genre, but gained an international character. A lot of books were written and a lot of films were produced about Tango. It is perhaps the only type of music and dance when it is considered from this point of view. This dance is also the only type which carries all the emotions together. Passion, love, hate, anger are together in its own rhythm. It is the most enjoyable and the hardest dance in the world. It always brings the contrasts in its musical structure. It is a dance for two. Tango dance is integrated with its accessories. 

How To Choose Tango Shoes

Tango shoes are an accessory of tango dance. This accessory must be a limb of the dancer. She needs to dance comfortably and freely as if she /he has no shoes on her /his feet and special and are required to feel free in this dance. Argentine tango shoes are offered for sale on tangorium as a special production for both men and women. All tango shoes designed and produced by sellers on Tangorium are handmade and soft as they are made of leather, suede and fabric. Tango shoes are mostly heels shoes and It should not be forgotten that all high heels are not suitable for dance. Those who will just start tango should be meticulous when choosing shoes. For example those who are new to this dance should not wear high heels. When they become professional they can prefer high heels tango shoes. Low-heeled tango shoes are best for new dancers.

Features Of Tango Shoes

The most important features of a tango shoe are the angle, heel height, the material used, the correct pressure point, the feel of the ground and the correct fit of the foot. Tango shoes are works of engineering and must be specially designed and made. The inner lining of the tango shoes must be genuine leather. Feet need to breathe while dancing, and this is only possible in shoes with a leather inner lining. All tango shoes on Tangorium are designed and made with a special and huge experience. The part of the shoe that touches the ground should be a soft sole, and this is called jurdan. The jurdan should definitely consist of a single layer of suede, which should prevent the blows coming from the ground with dance movements. Thanks to a single layer of suede, it is possible to dance comfortably even on slippery floors. It is very important that the tango shoes are soft and have a full grip on the foot while dancing. It shouldn’t be big or small. It should create the feeling that sahoes are not worn. All the materials used for making Tango shoes are high quality and serve for a creating amazing shoes. Tango Shoes on Tangorium are in high quality with economic prices. All colors are available for men and women.


TanGO TO Istanbul, a comprehensive and international festival of tango music and dance, is the premier event of IstanbulTANGO School. Tango dancers from throughout the world wi...


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